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Our Vision

To lead the way in revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape through the integration of AI technology and leveraging years of experience in high-stakes environments, making it universally accessible and affordable for all organizations to efficiently manage risks and counter threats

Our Story

Elemendar was founded in 2017 by Giorgos Georgopoulos and Syra Marshall at the UK’s first NCSC Cyber Accelerator, powered by Wayra UK, to develop Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) enrichment capabilities.

Elemendar offers technology for security organisations which enable them to manage cyber risks and implement strategic controls, backed by live and up-to-date insights on cyber threats. 

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Our Mission

By harnessing the power of AI technology and drawing upon years of expertise in high-stakes environments, we are committed to delivering innovative, user-friendly cybersecurity solutions. Our mission is to empower organizations globally to safeguard their digital environments effectively and affordably, outsmarting cyber threats before they strike.

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