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Transforming Cyber Threat Intelligence

Unleash the Power of Automated Intelligence with READ

Senior Cyber Analyst, Energy Sector

Our team was particularly impressed with READ. and its utility to process long-form reports. READ. is definitely accurate with recognising entities, especially with TTPs, IOCs and malware."

AI-Powered Cyber Threat Intelligence with READ.

In today's cybersecurity landscape, analysts are overwhelmed with an endless stream of reports. Manually processing this information is not only exhausting but also time-consuming, increasing the risk of human error and the likelihood of missing critical insights. READ leverages AI to streamline cyber threat intelligence (CTI), transforming complex data into actionable insights. By automating routine tasks, READ frees your experts to focus on strategic decision-making, significantly reducing the time spent on manual analysis and enhancing the accuracy of threat detection. With READ, advanced CTI capabilities become accessible to all security teams, even those without dedicated resources, accelerating response times and reducing costs—thereby directly enhancing your security stance.

From Theory to Practice.
Real-World Impact of READ

Efficiency at

Leverage AI to significantly enhance your team’s ability to process and analyze cyber threat intelligence. Eliminate the bottlenecks of manually processed intelligence data.

Tailored to Your Needs

READ's customization options and integration capabilities ensure our tool fits perfectly within any security operation, enhancing both large and small security teams.

From Data to Actionable Intelligence

Transform unstructured data into structured, machine-readable STIX graphs for sharper and reliable analysis.

Empower Your Analysts

READ automates routine data analysis, significantly reducing manual effort and human error. This enables analysts to focus on deriving strategic insights that truly matter.

If you’d like to schedule a READ. live demo, get in touch today.

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Visual Analysis 

Visualise connections and patterns with intuitive STIX graphs, making complex data comprehensible and actionable for your analysts

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrates with existing cybersecurity operations and tools, enhancing the overall efficiency and response times

Standards-Based Approach

Our solution utilizes STIX formatting for seamless integration with platforms like IBM's QRadar and various Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs), enhancing interoperability and enabling more robust threat analysis.

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